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Adorn your spirit with the life-giving power of water and air. The natural essence of local gardens and greenery, infused in the mists of the majestic Edessa falls, imbues this fragrance inspired by the Pella region of Greece. PELLA carries a lush melody of ozonic fruit, floral effusions, and crisp light wood that rouses the soul.


Ingredients: Organic grain alcohol* (95% by Vol.), proprietary blend of botanical aromatics, vitamin E.

*Certified CCOF Organic (California Certified Organic Farmers), three-stage filtered. Non-GMO certified.

Formulated, hand blended, batch crafted in the USA. Vegan.


Due to the artisanal botanical nature of our fragrances, all sales are final. We strongly recommend the purchase of a sample before purchasing a full-size fragrance.

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