It all began when my parents, a hair stylist and a cosmetologist from Greece, brought their expertise to America in the 1970s. Growing up in the salon business, I learned a lot about the industry and explored my deep curiosity about the products people use every day. Knowing the immense benefits of natural ingredients, I couldn’t ignore the abundance of chemical-laden products on store shelves. This led me to develop hair and skincare products based on the belief that clean ingredients are the cornerstone of a healthy grooming routine.

Now, I’ve infused this philosophy into Hercules Man. All of my fragrances are made from nature’s rich botanicals, with essences found all over the world. Unique scent profiles that are inspired by Greece add dynamic layers that ebb and flow over time within each full-bodied fragrance. The artistry of crafting a fragrance is one of passion, patience and precision, which is why each batch is hand-blended and tested to ensure it embodies my vision.

Hercules Man fragrances use only natural essential oils, resins, and extracts in organic grain alcohol, purely bestowing the power of botanicals on the distinguished man.

Be epic.

— Maria, Founder